What is Saludarte ?

SaludArte is a non-profit foundation with no political or religious affiliation , oriented for health promotion and prevention through art and humor.

The actions of SaludArte are aimed at the recuperation of the senses, human contact, and creative imagination with the goal of assisting health, social integration, personal and collective responsibility, hope, transformation, and improvement of the population´s quality of life, without claiming to act about people, rather with them and from them.
SaludArte stands on the idea that art and humor are exceptional tools for human health. From this perspective we establish synergies with other public and private organizations in actions that promote integral health and human development.
The fundamental values that orient our work are – compromise, creativity, empathy, happiness, honesty, humility, solidarity, participation, diversity, and the protection and defense of human rights.
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To promote self care, mutual care, and the responsibility of the population for its health through meaningful and spontaneous human encounters, with the objective of preventing, mitigating, and overcoming the factors that influence the production and recurrence of suffering.

To make sensitive, train, and work with people, groups, institutions, and social organizations through art about themes related to health, aiming to expand and enrich their points of view, stimulating a sense of humor, a visualization of new alternative possibilities, and an amplification of vital horizons.

To generate creative spaces of expression and communication that favor a reevaluation of personal and collective experience, paying special attention to the subjective aspects of asistantive and educational practices.

To design and develop artistic proposals in theme of health and education.  To coordinate with other institutions, social organizations, academic sectors, and other self-managed groups over the planning and execution of joint projects.

To promote participative processes that involve the people with whom we work in the diagnosis of their problems, the definition of their priorities, and the implementation of transformative actions.

To create alliances to support, orient, and fortify community actions, campaigns to increase awareness and prevention, services, programs, and policies through SaludArte´s specific resources. To strengthen a sense of social responsibility, generate an atmosphere of tolerance, and to promote strategies of solidarity, tending to reach for greater levels of gender equality.

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Contacta: info@saludarte.org.uy / (598) 628 64 17 Montevideo, Uruguay