The story of the girl who hurt his leg and reached CASMU

The story of the girl who hurt his leg and reached CASMU

An evening of stories and songs, with and for children in care

Laughter syrup, SaludArte CASMU

Last Thursday there were no clowns and visual arts as usually happens in syrup Laughter, hospital art program developed by SaludArte in CASMU. This time the fifth floor was filled with music and stories. Sandra and Bruno musical notes filled the rooms of Pediatrics. When are the Brujito of Gulubú and La Cabrita, young and old could enjoy two hours of songs.

In some rooms music it was not all that happy afternoon patients, but the sound of the notes and with the guidance of a communicator, children invented stories, counted from the experience of being admitted to hospital . This time the sounds of guitar or tambourine accompanied the voices of those who chose to storytelling.

The first was Fernanda encouraged. His story was as follows: “There was once a girl named Fernanda I was nine and came to CASMU. The baby hurt his leg, fell because playing in the street as he turned to his friends. At the bottom of the story Tambourine sonar that gives the feeling of suspense, accompanied by muffled cries heard.

After Fernanda fell, wept and wept and called his father who in turn dialed to 1727. Bruno, to give atmosphere to the story, it makes sounds ambulance. Fernanda took her to CASMU where two nights and three days stayed. The moral: Fernanda decided not to make mischief while he was hospitalized.

There is a new storyteller on stage and Santiago de 15, who will not talk to the hospital, but it prefers to tell the Carnival. His story begins: “There is a man who is in hospital and carnival listening; now he revels in A Contra hand, and likes to talk carnival because he acts and dances in Promises, and has proud is the carnival for teens and children.

This year was his debut Anastasio. I am Dracula, he says happy. I have to play my character with a mysterious voice that has not come out now because you have to be completely inspired and put on paper.

The story was not told Matthias. While Sandra and Bruno made music with various instruments, the small three years accompanied with the triangle, making it sound to the sound of the musicians. With the ball grew and shrank was moving to the beat of the songs, or alegrándola with a smile and a shy glance. No matter that he had decided not to speak or do not want to tell a story, what matters is what they told their gestures and the music that came out of the instruments, which sonabancon joy for him and his mother.

This was the story that was not counted, but maybe that had more power and emotion, because it was a story of hope speechless.

Montevideo, February 14, 2014


Medina and Sandra Bruno Tejera


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