What is " Smile Syrup "?

Hospital artists visit wards, corridors and waiting rooms regularly taking this "syrup" to patients, companions and health personnel. Based on creativity, art and humor, artists allow patients to express their inner world through play and expression, thereby enhancing the autonomy and developing human relationships between the different actors and users of the hospital.


Promoting health in the hospital setting.

This program is aimed at patients, companions and health personnel. In the last period smile syrup reached more than 3,000 beneficiaries annually.
Clown, music, puppetry, storytelling, art.
Hospital artists, in pairs or trios, visiting hospitals, corridors and waiting rooms of hospitals promoting creativity, humor and joy in patients, companions and health personnel.


Contacta: info@saludarte.org.uy / (598) 2628 64 17 Montevideo, Uruguay