How to help

So we can all enjoy good health and prevent disease, we need your help. To continue its mission, SaludArte needs of the voluntary cooperation of individuals, groups, companies and institutions to join them in their mission. The important thing is to collaborate when possible, according to your possibilities.

How to do it?

Providing materials, musical instruments, costumes and other objects to be used in carrying out the activities, for distribution to the recipient and / or be drawn to benefit the public foundation. Consult ask what the needs of the organization are before implementing the donation.



You can participate as a volunteer / a or collaborator / a, sending a message to the foundation where interest in collaborating and express your full CV. If it is selected, you can make specific contributions to our programs and projects according to your training area.

More information on how to collaborate


The collaboration of socially responsible companies is key to fulfilling our mission. We wish to establish and strengthen partnerships that generate benefits for both the foundation and the company.


We need your ad space and / or your technical and commercial support to communicate and disseminate our work.


The articulation of our work with other institutions is one of the objectives of SaludArte. You can collaborate with us through specific proposals, proposing activities, programs or joint projects, and / or strategic alliances.

From the network

If you have a site, if you market the dot com if you have contacts work is very easy. SaludArte insert a link to your page, include it in your schedule or do reach your contacts so they can link to our website.

By deposit or bank transfer


SAVINGS BANK account pesos (US $ ) and US Dollars ( $ u s ) No. 31062 – Suc. Centro or call 2628 64 17 ( Monday to Friday from 9 am to 15 pm . ) Or write to :

YOUR HELP IS VERY IMPORTANT Please do not hesitate to contact us. All contributions received will contribute to financing health promotion projects to improve the health of the Uruguayan population.


The foundation has obtained support from other organizations in human resources, training, services , sponsorships , contacts, consultancy , participation in international or regional meetings and dissemination. Prominent cultural figures have collaborated have given honorary , private companies and staff facilities for artistic events promoting health and audiovisual producers have provided resources for the realization of audiovisual materials or television programs.


Contact us / (598) 628 64 17 Montevideo, Uruguay