Life as a tango with streamers of hope

Life as a tango with streamers of hope

Sweep Otoñal- IM program the 2nd. Plan for Equal Opportunities and Rights Development Department of Social- Secretariat for Women Closing party. – 2013 edition

There is music but not traditional, the sounds come from brooms, shovels and garbage bags with which worked for 10 months women Sweep The Abrojo in Otoñal project. Bats brooms accompany the rhythm, make percussion, drums seem candombe, women who play music carry the same shirts in the name of the organization says. The women in the audience, who worked with the other five social organizations participating in the agreement with the IM in the development and improvement of labor skills of women included in the program (Tacurú, La Bonne Garde, Promo Action on July 18, Centro interdisciplinary Development Studies, Uruguay and House of Women Union), accompanied with applause the rhythm of the music. The audience is also the Mayor of Montevideo Ana Olivera, the executive coordinator of the Secretariat for Women of the IM Elena Ponte, the responsible Program Russi and Lic.Lourdes Rosario Pérez, and other team members of the Secretariat.


Women act, laugh and look at each other; They are happy that their interpretation like the public. In the atmosphere feels camaraderie and fellowship. These heads of households living in poverty are filled with emotion while performing dance moves on stage. Thus ends his performance titled Fall Barullo.

Lola (Ivana étiez), entertainer and clown SaludArte, a civil organization that promotes the health of the Uruguayan population through art and humor for 15 years, dressed elegantly in a skirt and stockings white dots and makes presentation groups, encouraging the activity. Now is the turn of the House of Women. Women wear a white T-shirts with a green heart in the center and his name high on a banner. Before going on stage talking to each other before finalizing the submission details. The space allocated for the event is the Centre for Local Economic Development CEDEL located in the Rivera Park, which is adorned with balloons of different colors and a flag of the House of the woman having the signatures of the project participants. Lola will not let them start the show, she wants to tell a story that happened to Romina, who when passing through the street by sweeping the piropean. All they laugh with the story, because it also has a friend who is responsible ‘ll arrange chocolates. More laughter and some faces of mischief complement the story.

Now, it is time to start the show, they will sing Color Esperanza Diego Torres. Women are neatly placed, like a professional choir is involved. Two rows with pieces of paper to read the lyrics of the song, although some do not use it, you know it by heart. Music sounds and starts the first chorus: “I know there in your eyes by looking, you’re tired of walking and walking and walking always turning in one place”. They are still a little shy, but when the chorus starts all sing loudly “Knowing that you may want to be, wanting to be able, remove fears, remove them out, face painting color of hope, tempting the future with heart “are accompanied by applause from other women.

Women Women’s House took seriously lyrics and carry on his cheeks drawn a delicate flower of pink and green. Move their bodies from right to left to the rhythm of music, they are happy, their presentation has been a success. At the end Blanca takes the floor, is excited, it shows in the trembling of his hands as he grabs the paper where words are going to say is, heartfelt thanks to her classmates and the people who made for them reality the opportunity to have a I work for ten months and to have five hours a week of training during that period.

Now is the tango scene, CIEDUR women wear their best tangueras galas, black dresses and a red flower in her hair, or they are dressed in a red suit with a black flower that makes them play. The scenery is armed while Lola’s telling more stories. They are ready, there are two tables and some chairs on the stage, the work begins with the narration of the history of tango and from a violin out the chords of music shoal which is accompanied by dance steps, shuffling and in the background the sound of a broom that sweeps away what is in their path.

They say that again sweep the wise, strong and tolerant. Dance to the music rounds in pairs or in groups at first, while other members of the organization from the look sitting chairs placed on the stage, waiting their turn. From the public it feels like they enjoy tango, his emotion and passion that put the dance is perceived. Now you hear La Cumparsita, all dance together making a round, rather two, one inside the other. With the movement of bodies, black dresses are intermingled with red dresses tango. The women, all household heads with dependents, have fun and the audience applauds nonstop.

Now is the turn of the Bonne Garde, his clothes are not too flashy, highlighting are the dream catchers hanging from their necks and piggybacking pennant. Lola has two other stories that happened to these women. First note that one of the ladies in the bustle and troubles of the day was made a racing car through the streets and suddenly the wheel of the cart was released, and had to run several blocks to stop it. These laugh with the story. The second story is when one of them found a man inside a dumpster, such was the shock of the lady who ran not believing what had happened.

Now it has come the time of Bonne Garde show. Women barefoot walk across the stage and when they are all ready chant in unison “Montevideo how cute I see … Montevideo with tango and camdombe … smelling women.” They begin to dance to a tango, music is complemented by the sound they make their hands when hitting each other and with his legs, is music made by women for other women. They hold hands and dance together to the rhythm of the song.

Then raise your dream catchers in the air, as if to show that we must dream to meet the objectives. The background music says “For your dreams will give you what life does not give you”. They are a round of women raising their dream catchers, dance and chant the song, are increasingly excited. In their faces, as in other women, all of us included, joy and hope detonates. They know it’s the end of an era, but at the same time is the beginning of something new: empowered women to exercise their rights and to a life free of discrimination and violence.

They are no longer only women Bonne Garde the dancing on stage, have brought to other dance, all join the party, together chant a new song, there is much joy in the environment, including have generated ties of friendship. For ten months these women have worked in the sweep paths, around trees and container cleaning cords and municipal bins now embrace and some are out some tears of emotion. Thanks to its participation in the program Otoñal Sweep feel strengthened, empowered and better able to develop strategies for income generation.

Finally it is time to continue and build new dreams, dreams that gender equality and opportunities will be present as a fundamental right.

Chronicle: Verónica Terán