Let the green and art inundate our lives!

Let the green and art inundate our lives!

Opening of Green House

A cold Saturday with sun and wind was officially opened in the Green House, open to the neighborhood and the community, you’ll find the municipality Ch space. And say official opening, because the other is already effective. It is that about a year ago the neighbors decided to take this space and make it the center of their activities and possible storage bins has passed multipurpose room, and already known by the Green House, for obvious reasons. This is physical space of sociocultural training project aimed at arts community, managed by a group of neighbors and members of the neighborhood council, with support from the Community Center Township 4 and Ch.

SaludArte was celebrating the inauguration, in the heart of this great green apple, delivering their spontaneous theater, a theater that is born of the moment, the moment creator between spectators and actors, unscripted, but this time had a title: Art in our lives.

Four actors: Natalia, Gonzalo, Cintia, Mauritius and driver, Emiliano, we started showing what was or had meant art for them … as he led them to abandon the mother house, change jobs, because there are other things do at two o’clock in addition to bread, or care for sick, and can seek to be sexy between tables in a stage, because art is that … something that makes us feel good and become better people.

This is one of the missions SaludArte a non-profit foundation, with no political or religious affiliation, seeking to promote health through art and humor. This morning, for more than an hour they got, because fifty people, including children, mothers and grandparents who were there understood that health is a state of physical, mental and social well-being, used to recover human contact and imagination creative … and in that sense Joaquin, a little of just seven years, was the bravest to their perception of art, and lost it when the guitar is broken. The actors and actresses were responsible SaludArte transform their words into a “fluidic sculpture”, which Bruno, the sixth member of the group, set to music.

The mechanics of operation of spontaneous theater is simple, as Emiliano explained, among the public, this time mostly female, and voluntarily Olga, Chichi, Lorna, Isabel, Carolina, Brenda shared with the rest of their experience in the workshops of the House Green. They were just five strokes talking about their perception, their peers, their emotions by attending classes, and then the actors and actresses were mounted its history, it was none other than the story of those people now converted into characters. This is the most interesting of spontaneous theater, the ability to transcend the everyday, the history and characteristics of each, into something we can see on stage, as if it were a mirror in which the reflection is ours but with more sense of humor. Laughing at yourself is a very, very healthy exercise, and should practice more often, I think this is what we got home, have seen us in the eyes of others and laugh with him ourselves. We brought a little piece of happiness that is neither more nor less than what the neighbors want to deliver in this communal space, a green space, as green as hope.

Finally, by way of summary, in a square circle, a round of time, in which members of SaludArte reminded us of some of the slogans that emerged spontaneously in the morning waiting for Wednesday, remove the paper and open the space, we are always here, it is that I wear red, or leave the theater or you are looking for another house, I want you green green, art is what children intuit and older unlearn ….

After a day so close, so they shared no shortage of sweets, sandwiches and spontaneous music of Coco, a neighbor who started with a couple of tangos, if those attending the dance workshop are encouraged … but this time he could not be.

The cultural center Casa Verde is still green, waiting to mature and filled with projects, life, hope, joy, smiles, happiness, right on the corner of Magariños Cervantes and Grauert, hoping that also get you to participate pleasure aesthetic of this new community space.

Montevideo, June 15, 2013

Spontaneous Theatre Company SaludArte


Emiliano Duarte


Cintia Caballero, Natalia Casanova, Mauricio Chiessa, Gonzalo Pieri.


Bruno Medina


Natalie Katz

photographic and audiovisual record:

Lucia Gonzalez, Ana Lopez and Sofia Ponce de León


Ana Lopez