I feel, I think, I take action

Socio-educational program for addiction prevention and health care promotion.


Target audiences

Aimed at primary and secondary school students and the entire school community.

How we work

Experiential workshops can be developed for:
• Students
• Parents
• Teachers


• respect
• empathy
• confidence
• dialogue
• free expression
• Self-control

We strengthen

We strengthen ideas, concepts, values and actions towards self-care and health care.


To sensitize students and the educational environment through the Playback Theatre, game and music about the importance of conscious and responsible decision making for addiction prevention.
Playback Theatre is based on real student experiences . Allows them to discover and experience forms of self- regulate , manage emotions and control impulsiveness.
Our experiential workshops allow students to identify attitudes and patterns of self- destructive behavior and then try alternatives in a group environment of trust.
We enable an empathic connection between young people and an opportunity for introspection as the stories are recreated and look with the group emotional support.


Contacta: info@saludarte.org.uy / (598) 2628 64 17 Montevideo, Uruguay