What is SaludArte?

SaludArte is a non-profit foundation with no political or religious affiliation , oriented for health promotion and prevention through art and humor.

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Hospital artists with sensitivity and imagination, made me recover the capacity to enjoy. That moment made me want to live like as long before.» Marisa

Age: 52

Sing with you made me more relaxed and it did go out my headache. I recommend this Syrup to everybody!” Ana Laura

Age: 35

To say thank you is not enough to express how your music and joy helped me. I realize that the art is not just an entertainment, because is also a way to express the emotions and for me is an incredible way to decrease the pain of desease.» Yolanda

Age: 48

This experience has made me realize about the most important thing in life, the health, and how much I used to didn’t care about it. Thank you because you helped me to make me feel stronger to want to collaborate with my treatment.» Rosana

Age: 28

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 info@saludarte.org.uy / (598) 628 64 17 Montevideo, Uruguay