SaludArte was founded in 1999 with the aim of promoting health and quality of life of the population through expressive resources and humor. Since then the organization has wagered the value of artistic practices for development and human health, including the possibility of prefiguring social transformations through innovative artistic methods in unconventional spaces .


SaludArte has Hasidism as background  , the Theatre of Spontaneity and psychodrama ( JL Moreno ), the Theatre of the Absurd ( Ionesco , Beckett ), the Guerrilla Theatre, Playback Theatre ( Jonathan Fox and Jo Salas) , Theatre of the Oppressed ( Augusto Boal ) and (Keith Johnstone ) Sports Theatre. In the hospital area , the more specific history came in 1986 in New York (Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit) and extended since then to other cities in the US and other countries.

In Brazil we contacted Projeto Arcoiris , Doutores da Alegria, live and deixe Projeto Viver and Carmim of São Paulo. The National Program Humanização da Assistência Hospitalar ( PNHAH ) entered into force in Brazil since 2001. Other relevant background are: Spontaneous Theater Company Passage ( Cordoba, Argentina ) and Caravane Théâtre (Toulouse , France).


Contacta: info@saludarte.org.uy / (598) 628 64 17 Montevideo, Uruguay