Definitely, laughter is contagious

Definitely, laughter is contagious

Laughter syrup SaludArte CASMU

At the fifth floor of CASMU 1, there is nothing to announce that afternoon will be different, except for the expectant eyes of children and staff. In the long corridor there is silence, only hear the dialogue of nurses under the distance, interested in the medical record of any of the children and adolescents interned in the hospital that day.

In the living Doctors happens something different. Every Thursday there is not only doctors and nurses who exchange information and views on the clinical status of patients, there is also laughter you hear a whisper from outside. Are the voices of Palín aid kit and Dra. Margarita, self-proclaimed owner of CASMU, who are preparing to go out and brighten the afternoon of inpatients.

Look Margarita Palín and grooming is a spectacle. Both wear their costumes clown. He wears green and purple pants that matches her shirt and a yellow tie that matches your loose straps. Dra. Margarita wears a red dress with a pink tights combined. Palín silver out of his holster their makeup, rouge on the cheeks, nose and red hair tweezers. Both your doctor lenses are placed and then listening carefully to the doctor pass and make hand hygiene, they begin the journey. Dra. Margarita says she prefers not to tell owner of CASMU he does not want to brag, but still wears a name tag, causing much grace nurses and companions with whom you are in the hallway.

Watching them walk around, a girl laughs loudly, shouting loudly “Clown!” And clapping. In his laughter the desire to have the two clowns surf through the rooms in which they are quickly to reach theirs so they can enjoy their company, and show their toys shows. The tour can not be done in order because when Dr. Margaret and Palín are going to room 501 and 502 are intercepted by Martin, who is in the arms of his mother. Such is the excitement of that baby of six months has Palín caught with his hands, he did not release the finger more effort than this does.

Martin keeps looking at him, her face and her eyes shine with joy, so skipping the formalities, hospital clowns go straight to the room where is Martin and there are also with Roman, a big, strong boy two years, it gets a little shy in the presence of these very colorful and laughing doctors. Roman is hiding under the arms of his father, but that does not stop Palín and Dr. Margaret made her jokes, and even if the child wants to be serious, suggests a smile.

It is time to go to another room. To say goodbye, Palín plays with his trumpet song Pink Panther. In the meantime, Martin continues to look fascinated him. “Goodbye” tell them the two children who are infected by their laughter.

Now, to start at the beginning, the fourth Juliet, who does not seem to be very comfortable at first with clowns. They respect your space and just talk and make funny gestures from afar. She responds by moving the head while hugging her stuffed animal, a favorite doll that accompanied her to the hospital. It is a blue worm, like Alice in Wonderland. Palín to entertain her, shows her cow garden and Margarita says that feed with dulce de leche, the baby starts laughing.

Among the devices used to play with hospitalized children, clowns carry a cart with wheels that found by the door of the Medical Chamber. Margarita and Palín almost causing a coalition with the cleaning cart and the nurse at the counter, you can not stop laughing, tells Margarita that as she owns the CASMU, you should ask them to put a stop light in the hallway . In the next room is Stefanie, who did not pay much attention to the clowns because it is engrossed in the novel in the afternoon, then Palín Margarita and begin to interpret a novel. Daisy wants to be the villain and the story is taking color until you achieve Stefanie act with them, adding to that particular cast.

Friends clowns mounted an exhibition in the door to the next room. Nicholas, hearing the commotion outside his room, gets up from the bed of a jump and run to see what there offer. The offer ranges from a ball to a dinosaur. Palín again takes his cow garden and start a whole discussion about whether vacan sting or bite and a lady who walks down the corridor corrects him and tell him to kick. All are satisfied with the answer. The grandmother who has correctly answered the answer asks Palín a photo and he starts doing a photo shoot in the hallway. Nurses, doctors, children and adults laugh without stopping to see the poses Knight.

It is time to visit Victoria and Leonel. The girl is awake and looks puzzled the two characters. Leonel sleep but not for long, as it wakes up to see what happens around him. When meeting with clowns do not know what to do. Then Palín is about to take away and put the pacifier, Leonel laughs, Margarita has in his arms to Victoria, she also laughs and touches her face to the payasita who has entered her room.

Now let’s visit the last quarter where are Matthias and Silene, the same girl who was so glad to see the hospital clowns. Your wait is over, now is your room. Matthias taught her toys Puki and Mono Philip company are doing their stay at the sanatorium. Silene is almost healed, soon be discharged and are all agitated, jumping and playing. Stuffed animals, balloons and stories illuminate the room. Now Palín and Margarita make animal noises, the zoo has come to the hospital: there are elephants, tigers, chickens and monkeys, children and their parents laugh to no end.

For a few hours the room internment was no longer a place of silence and pain to be a place of laughter, a makeshift circus with clowns and animals, a time where not only children enjoy, but also his companions, health personnel and auxiliary cleaning. A small oasis amid concerns consists of laughter, games, balls, dinosaurs, music trumpet and dramatizations of these clowns friends that release for a while children and adolescents interned electronic games, television and dolls battery , encouraging them to develop their imagination. And even then everything back to routine hospital until next week, the presence of hospital clowns gives patients a key to manage anxiety of placement tool: the sense of humor. Not only do they benefit, too companions and the health team, clowns included with every Thursday a new opportunity to learn about the perspectives of patients in the hospital setting and situation to observe, participate in games and laugh along they. Definitely, laughter is contagious.

Montevideo, February 6, 2014

hospital clowns:

Palín aid kit (Federico Leone) and

Dra. Margarita (Mariam Ghougassian)


Verónica Terán

Jarabe de Risas cordinator:

Rasia Friedler