Concentration in Plaza Independencia International Day of Fibromyalgia

Concentration in Plaza Independencia International Day of Fibromyalgia

Concentration in Plaza Independencia International Day of Fibromyalgia

On Tuesday May 12 world commemorated the “International Day of Fibromyalgia”. For this reason, in Uruguay, patients and relatives gathered in Independence Square under the slogan “We are not invisible” between 12 and 14 hours, near the monument to Artigas. The rally was organized by the Uruguayan Association of Fibromyalgia and to identify its members took outfits in purple or orange tones, either.

He participated in this commemoration SaludArte Foundation, whose Spontaneous Dance Company made a performance on the experiences of patients with fibromyalgia.

Under the warm sun of the autumn noon, the dancers stand on a black wooden cubes to start their representation. Attendees approach, carrying their badges and posters with the slogan “We are not invisible.” Along with the first movements of the dancers, an actress of SaludArte begins to interpret stories of patients suffering from fibromyalgia, as he delivered to attendees violet and orange feathers. The people around her nod in each of the experiences that tells Valentina Faggi.

– It’s true, they tell each other.

– In my house it is the only place where I am right, goes on to relate Valentina.

– How true is saying that girl !, says one of the participants.

They approach the actress and show him wearing girdles for your waist pains, others will tell what makes them difficult to endure his aching knees, neck, back …. Many of them are very excited. See represented with pain they live with daily, recognized in the accounts of the actress and the movements of the dancers he has deeply moved. The artistic performance has generated in them a strong need to be heard, to tell their own testimonies. It has been a fruitful communication process that includes and connects all / as present.

Fibromyalgia is a little-known disease that especially affects women and is underdiagnosed in Uruguay As we explain people there, most people with the disease do not receive medical treatment. The only specialized clinic is the Institute of Rheumatology is overwhelmed and only two specialists. Few mutual recognize fibromyalgia as a disease and have the appropriate specialists.

This lack of recognition and attention, together with the constant pain, generated in the / as patients great distress and anguish. Many of them tend to seclude themselves, suffer from depression and some even see in the self-elimination the only solution to their problems.

Valentina continues to perform stories that illustrate the ways in which other patients facing the pain and expresses the need to meet, accompany and support each other. After the dramatization and after the effusive applause, the participants are close to her to thank that time, sharing with them the pain and anguish they face every day and being understood.


Meanwhile the dancers continue to perform the pain and limitations experienced by fibromyalgia patients, using violet and orange tulle. They start to stretch trying to reach each other and extending tulle come together in a network. Approach and form a closed frame bodies and tulle in the center of the makeshift stage under the monument to Artigas. And changing the expressions of pain laughter, the dancers begin to break free from the tulles. Arman a sort of ball with them and rise above the bodies. Attendees applaud effusively, artists have given body to their own experiences. Then the dancers deliver them “the ball” to the assistants, who would pass each other.

– What is this ?, asks one

– It is to download the bad energy. To put everything bad there, she replied another.

The performance comes to an end; It was very moving, simple and profound at the same time. Thus SaludArte has generated a “body dialogue” with and among all attendees fusing theater, music and dance through improvisation and a specific choreography for it.

The excitement generated continues to rise. Attendees hug each other and embrace artists. This May 12 will not be felt invisible.

Montevideo, May 2010

Chronicle by Patricia Lepratti