Caring for caregivers

A space-time to prevent and / or mitigate the physical and psychological consequences related to attention and care of people in situations of illness and / or hospitalization.


To contribute to the comprehensive education and health care team, working on emotional and interpersonal issues that affect their health and the actions carried out. Promote interpersonal relationships so that participants expand their possibilities of expression, favoring an active, direct and creative communication.
We provide spaces for collective creation with ludic-expressive techniques that articulate verbal and nonverbal for the development and transformation of conflicts through the senses , games and group experiences.

Through participatory theater and game participants can visualize alternative ways to conflict posed and develop a critical self-consciousness about their own performance and attitudes.

Participant comments:

Each and every scene dynamics helped us to rediscover some point lived in our daily work and at the same time to see how we exercise our roles.

I want to thank the art that addressed the workshop and stories are represented, and also the fact that the narrators have shared improvised. We need more communication among peers/as work, and this participatory approach is possible.

To Laugh at ourselves , like today, it is fantastic that we do not happen often. Not only is it rewarding and fun but also relieves us from stress and protects us from burnout.

Sometimes we forget that our ability to heal has limits. The reality is that everyday we face the lack of organizational resources, infrastructure, training and human. So this type of training is essential.


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