Pinto Cuidarse

Workshop on health promotion and prevention of problematic use of substances SaludArte Foundation – Latin American College and Lyceum Rasia… leer más

Sensitizes humor

Sensitizes humor SaludArte Clowns  in MSP World Hand Hygiene Day A simple act like washing hands can prevent a host … leer más

You and me

The Spontaneous Theater as a means of bullying awareness and prevention Juntos and different SaludArte-German College and Lyceum A common … leer más

The joy of small things

A door to the world stage for children and adolescents Theatre Company SaludArte By: Team Communication Department of Human Resources … leer más

Different together

A cool morning in Montevideo, SaludArte was presented at the German School to cover the problem of bullying in primary … leer más